Howdy Friends!

A lot of exciting content coming your way soon! We are roughly 90% done recording our first studio album. It has been such a transformative endeavor for us musicians and we know our efforts will move you, the listener, in a formative way.

We have finished and released “Scars & Wounds” – one of three music videos we recently produced and recorded in Chicago.

Look out for videos two and three – “Behold These Flowers” and “The Great Divide” These are in the final stages of editing and will swiftly be released on our YouTube channel!

Our ultimate goal – our bottom line…

is to share our music with as many people as possible. With a full-length album on the way, in addition to more epic music videos, countless beautiful images and intriguing stories, The Little Family Band is definitely keeping busy! We’re looking to raise money to help cover the daunting expenses of recording our studio album, the creation of this website, and, quite frankly, the seemingly small but nevertheless significant costs of transporting 10 musicians around the Chicagoland area for rehearsals, meetings, and shows.
Your much needed financial support will be so greatly appreciated and will help us continue to deliver music and content that you will love. KickStarter is a website that helps independent artists and entrepreneurs share and fulfill their creative goals and dreams by means of financial support and backing from people all over the world.

We will announce the launch of our KickStarter page on all of our social media platforms soon, so stay tuned!!

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