TLFB Tours The West! – It Seems Like Only Yesterday…

We arrived in the town of Rhododendron at the base of Mt. Hood just after the first dress rehearsal ended. The Meyers and Peeble families were in the midst of heated games of corn hole. We decided which tunes to play for the wedding ceremony then performed them for the bride.

There were two fantastic high-ceiling wood cabins on the property. We were told that the construction of the impressive buildings was funded by drug trafficking money, and the original owner was eventually caught by the feds. The houses were seized and eventually repurchased and renovated by a fella from New York. No matter the history of the homes, they were absolutely stunning.



Jake and I formed as Team Dominance representing the Peeble family and absolutely destroyed the competition in corn hole. After some scrumptious shish kabobs, we joined the families for a challenging trivia session under the stars. The wine and scotch flowed fast, the sparklers shimmered in mesmerizing patterns through the dark, the smell of s’mores over the campfire, and the sounds of happiness filled the forest. Eventually each dispersed to their beds.

Bright rays of the sun and women with hair drawn into contorted shapes and designs busily darting this way and that woke us from our slumber. We were in the living room of the main house with near floor-to-ceiling windows facing the outside deck and lawn. The breakfast spread was amazing; fresh fruits, soft pastries, savory quiche, and endless mimosas to curb the adventures of the previous night. Outside, white tables and chairs were set in place for the reception, the bar was erected, and flower arrangements appeared. Inside, tantalizing cheesecakes were placed on tree ring coasters, the women’s hair and makeup began to make sense, and the men cleaned up a bit.

We headed into a garage on the property to go over some tunes and work on a set list for our show in Bellingham, Washington opening for Greg the next night. The instruction was given to migrate to the wedding ceremony location. We got into position and played instrumentally until we were queued to play our song for the bridal party procession, then, as the last couple made their way to the front we changed to our song Ocean Blue. The slanted sunlight through the trees accompanied by the soothing sounds of our instruments as the bride and groom gracefully floated to the front – it was magic.


The wedding was beautiful. We all walked back to the main house guided by the smell of garlic bread. After dinner, touching speeches, drinks, insanely delicious cheesecakes, dancing, more drinks, more dancing, and a small house concert by our band, all retired – a successful day; a happy wedding.

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