TLFB Tours The West! – The Wild Buffalo


We rose early to travel to Bellingham for an early afternoon sound check at Wild Buffalo. We had but a teasing glimpse of Seattle as we passed through.


There was time to kill when we arrived in Bellingham so we stopped for a bite then went scouting for a beach.









The beach we found was rocky with groups of people staggered down the coast, huddled up under the overhanging branches of trees or in hastily crafted tree forts beneath. Kyla napped to recover from the festivities of the previous night, Jake worked on his Instagram headstand project and I climbed my way up into a tree fort, started some music, and took some pictures to send to friends and family. Just as we were getting comfortable we got news that it was time to go sound check a bit early…….



We loaded in to Wild Buffalo with the help of their super supportive staff and completed our sound check and with plenty of time to kill. We were able to record a few tunes straight off of the soundboard and experiment with the finer nuances of our levels and monitor mixes. We have never before been fortunate enough to have time to play and work out sound issues prior to our shows – so that was refreshing!




We were surprised to see that a line had already formed down the street outside the venue. Greg and the guys showed up after fighting with crazy traffic through Seattle. The place filled up in a hurry with close to 400 people in attendance. We played a solid set which was well-received then headed out to meet and mingle and, most importantly, to enjoy the hell out of the sounds of Gregory Alan Isakov. Greg is a genuinely amazing and quality human being; a cherished friend who happens to also be a compelling and touching songwriter. We were blessed to share the stage with him and his band – all brilliant musicians and amazing friends. **CLICK FOR BONUS VIDEO!!!




After some super late night delectable Russian dumplings, our two bands headed over to our gracious friend Jonah’s lovely home for much needed rest. We grabbed breakfast in the morning, got some sightseeing recommendations, and went our separate ways. Kyla had us in some wicked Bellingham thrift shops before we departed along route 542 towards Mount Baker!


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