TLFB Tours The West! – A Hike to Remember

IMG_2902On the way to Mount Baker, we stopped at mile marker 44 and ventured into an immense old growth forest where we were humbled by the presence of the biggest trees any of us had ever seen. Alongside the trail there lie fallen giants. Even as they lie on their sides, they were nearly taller than our heads! We ventured deeper into the forest. TIMG_2927 (1)he further in, it seemed, the bigger the trees became. There was an unspoken air of reverence and admiration for these trees. They had lived through hundreds of years – if only we could hear the story of DCIM107GOPROtheir lives. Eventually the trail thinned and we knew we could spend way too much time admiring these old beauties so we darted back to the car to continue up the mountain.




As we climbed, the air cooled, the trees became sparser alongside the road, and the views grew more expansive with each twist and turn…..

Then snow appeared on the ground in patches of shade – a few years ago, during a dirtbiking trip to Colorado, I was curious about where the water in rivers alongside mountain roadways originated. I found out that the most of the water originates from the melting snow at the top of the mountain and it blew my mind. It still blows my mind that there is so much snow is consistently melting and flowing down to help form such massive bodies of running water.


We made it to the top and the view was already incredible. Being in the presence of mountains does something important to the human spirit. The greatness of mountains, like the mighty ocean waves and the luminous stars above, centers us; reconnects us with the divine. No words need be uttered in the still quiet. The vastness of the surrounding space and the pureness of the air entering the lungs calms the mind and recharges the spirit.


We hiked around until the sun set, absolutely enamored with the changing views around each bend in the trail, revealing different peaks of sister mountains off in the distance. I live for hiking mountain trails. There is something so energizing about it. I feel like a pup that just broke free from his leash.


After collecting a few epic headstand shots for Jake, he and Kyla headed back to the car and I caught the last bit of sunset in a GoPro timelapse. We drove back down, tried to grab food in a small town called Glacier but missed the last open kitchen by an hour or so, so we continued on back to Bellingham for some pizza before crashing back at Jonah’s.


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