TLFB Tours The West! – Serendipity and Seattle

 In the morning we left Bellingham for Antecortes to catch a ferry over to the San Juan Islands. Buoyancy is an amazing phenomenon: this massive steel vessel weighing hundreds of tons by itself carrying hundreds of tons of vehicles and people…floating. Almost as mind blowing as watching the wheels of an enormous cargo airplane leave the earth and climb into the sky. The weather was beautiful; sunny, with a cool breeze, and no humidity. There was a low fog at the base of the mountains off in the distance making the mountains appear to be floating above the water.



We drove onto the island from the ferry, stopped for a bite then drove to Lime Kiln State Park at the opposite end of the island to try our luck at whale spotting. We didn’t have much luck so we ventured along the coastal trails exploring beaches and tidal pools, discovering washed up jellies, and we skipped smooth stones out into the ocean.

IMG_3184 IMG_3191









Where the trail ended, we pressed on, climbing over rocks using all four limbs for stability…

The water at the base of the cliffs was clear enough to see rocks below so I tried to convince Jake and Kyla to do some cliff diving with me. I ended up going solo and Jake and Kyla filmed in case something ridiculous happened that would be best documented. That. Water. Was. INSANELY. Frigid. I’ve jumped off some high cliffs along the French Riviera into the Mediterranean. The fall is a crazy feeling, but when I hit the water off the coast of the San Juan Islands, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I was gasping for air because the body goes into a mild shock it’s so cold. I had planned to swim around to where Kyla and Jake were filming which was about 100 feet away but instead I climbed straight back up the cliff face I had just jumped off of because I just needed to be out of that devil water!




We grabbed some quick headstands for Jake’s Headstand Project then hurried back to the ferry so we could make it to Seattle in time to meet Jake’s old friend Andrea and her husband at Shadowland for dinner and a quick set. Everyone loved our music and told us to come back through again. We drove a few blocks to Andrea’s where the most epic trio of house pets was waiting for us.


The cutest French bulldog was bulldozing and snorting his way through legs to get a front row sniff of the new humans, the boxer would step right over the lil guy and come up on his rear haunches to give hugs and the cat just stared from a distance in disgust. We caught up and exchanged stories with Andrea and Joel then slept hard.


In the morning, we left West Seattle and headed downtown to meet up with another group of old friends Megan and Quincy for breakfast. We talked about the history of Seattle, as Quincy is a Seattle native. Then he took us on a rapid hands-on tour through the bustling Market, Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.37.27 PMthe waterfront, some infamous city squares and even through the underbelly of the city; under bridges, over garbage piles, and past….those suffering from a drug addiction….in the alleys.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.35.03 PM


Quincy seemed to know everyone and he informed us about every single street mural and graffiti artist as we passed their work. We split off, grabbed some ice cream, a few headstands in the beautifully designed Seattle Library and in the famous sculpture garden with the Space Needle in the background then headed off towards Glacier National Park.

kerry park by Michael Birawer large22319136

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