Jacob B. Little Bio



Born in the suburbs of Detroit and now calling Chicago home, Jacob B. Little has been surrounded by music all his life. Songs that hone a masterful quality beyond his years tell a story of heartache, loss, and the search for a sense of purpose within an ever-evolving landscape.

A highly skilled and versatile artist in his own right, Little has put on hold a life that often found him behind the scenes producing, directing, and developing for some of today’s top artists and TV shows to pursue a personal sense of healing through his own music. He has spent the better part of the past ten years in and out of hospitals helping his family cope with multiple cancer diagnosis and losses. These experiences have shaped the very foundation of who he is and are none too far from appearing in his music stylings. He writes from a place of hardship and harsh reality, at times leaving his audience speechless and longing for a sense of home. Through his music Jacob strives to genuinely connect with every audience member and leave them with a sense of hope and healing.

Little has played numerous music festivals and venues across the US, Canada, and Europe and has shared the bill with artists such as Nathaniel Rateliff, Gregory Alan Isakov, Caleb Hawley, The Chieftans, Matthew Santos, and Misty Boyce. He is a fixture in the Chicago Folk and Celtic scene, having hosted the Living Room Loft Session concert series for a number of years. Jacob acts as the bandleader and lead singer/songwriter for his project called The Little Family Band, though is equally comfortable performing as a solo artist. When not performing or working on new music, Jacob can be found doing headstands at landmarks across the country.



The Little Family Band formed in Chicago, IL in late 2012 when songwriter Jacob Little decided he wanted to collaborate with other musicians. Over the following months, a steady stream of musicians serendipitously made their way to Jacob’s door – each adding new instrumental voices and textures to his sound. What started as a duo quickly expanded, each bringing new flavors influenced by folk, bluegrass, spiritual, jam rock, classical, klezmer, reggae, and Celtic traditions.

Inspired by love, loss, and subsequent reflection – the immersive music that Jacob writes reaches the depths of the soul. The Little Family Band is excited to bring you heartfelt stories which will stir your emotions and refresh your spirit!

Jacob Little never dreamed a stairwell would lead him to the pursuit of a Music career. Though he grew up surrounded by a family of musicians and learned the art of music at a young age, Jacob’s primary focus early on was becoming a professional athlete. He started competitive soccer at just four years old, traveling the US and even internationally pursuing his dream. Once in high school, Jacob tripped while running up a set of stairs, injuring his knee and ending his hopes of becoming a professional athlete. As he recovered, Jacob was forced to consider a new path and passed the time by playing music and snapping photos on his 35mm camera. It wasn’t long before he envisioned a future dedicated to the arts, rather than athletics.

In 2004, while attending art school in Chicago, his mother Gretchen was diagnosed with end stage breast cancer. As a way to channel his feelings, Jacob picked up his guitar and began to spend countless hours tucked away in the stairwell of his apartment building writing music to capture this life-altering experience. He would close his eyes and let the music come out as it would. It became cathartic and therapeutic, healing. In 2007, Gretchen passed away after a chemotherapy overdose. Soon thereafter, Jacob lost his aunt Sue, who had also been battling breast cancer. They were amazing, strong women – the glue that held their family together. With their passing, Jacob not only mourned their loss, but the loss of his sense of family as well.

In late 2012, with art school and an arsenal of songs under his belt, Jacob began to envision a project that would bring his love of music and friendships together. It was once again a stairwell that played an integral part. Jacob began inviting various musician friends to the stairwell outside his loft to hear the tunes and jam along. Without exception, each of them felt immediately that Jacob’s music was something they wanted to be part of. The seed had been planted for The Little Family Band.