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A lot of exciting content coming your way soon! We are roughly 90% done recording our first studio album. It has been such a transformative endeavor for us musicians and we know our efforts will move you, the listener, in a formative way.

We have finished and released “Scars & Wounds” – one of three music videos we recently produced and recorded in Chicago.

Look out for videos two and three – “Behold These Flowers” and “The Great Divide” These are in the final stages of editing and will swiftly be released on our YouTube channel!

Our ultimate goal – our bottom line…

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We are The Little Family Band. We are a group of passionate individuals brought up in a diverse array of musical environments. Over the past years, serendipity landed each of us in the beautiful, bustling city of Chicago – and more importantly, to the doorstep of Jacob Little.

Photo29Jacob welcomed us into his loft with open arms, and often, a frequently needed and much appreciated open couch! His passion for music was immediately apparent – enthusiastically radiating in such a way that vigorously shakes the cobwebs off of a weary spirit and reignites a tired mind.

Organized expressions inspired by grief, tragedy, and subsequent reflection on lost loved ones – the music that Jacob creates is the sort that will unvaryingly reach into your soul and stop you in your tracks, no matter where you have come from or where you are in your life. This music that we all have joined Jacob in sharing with you will touch and uplift in a refreshing way.

The Little Family Band’s unique sound is a tapestry of musical styles inspired from past musical greatness and a new movement of sound; woven from the fabric of a variety of musical backgrounds and a fun, distinct arrangement of instruments.

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